Our Crew


Justin Reed

President of Reeds Crew Services

Justin was born in Safford. AZ. He has worked in the HVAC industry since 2006 and started Reeds Crew Services as a building maintenance company in 2003. Since then, it has grown and continues to grow into a company customers continually return to and refer to others. Justin knows how important a personal relationship with each customer is and strives to always provide exceptional service. Justin thinks of his company as his extended family and tries to treat everyone as such. His goal is to provide quality HVAC service at a fair price. Justin is busy meeting with customers, helping in the office, and working in the field alongside the technicians. Justin prides himself in meeting with as many customers as he can personally, he feels business should be done the “old fashion” way face to face and with a handshake.

Justin and his wife Lori have been married for 19 years and have four children.  They are always busy and on the go with the kids’ activities. His family enjoys high school sports, horseback riding, dance and cheer (some of them), camping and any road trip they can go on. Justin and Lori are both involved in church service and volunteering at their kids activities and schools. Lori is a busy mom as well as the Office Manager for Reeds Crew Services.



Brad Barker

Lead HVAC Technician

Brad is an Arizona native and is familiar with the Arizona HEAT! He grew up helping his Dad in the electrical service and construction field. He is a residential Electrician as well as an EPA certified, Day and Night factory trained HVAC Technician. Brad has completed multiple training classes including: heat pump systems, furnaces/gas heat, refrigerant, lead, coil cleaning and air flow. He has been working in the HVAC field for 4+ years after many years as an electrician. Brad loves to troubleshoot problems and figure out why things don’t work. Brad prides himself on customer service and his knowledge in the Electric and HVAC fields. Brads unique knowledge in both fields along with his customer service skills make him a valuable asset to RCS Heating and Cooling and our customers.  Brad grew up in a large family and is very family oriented. He spends his extra time with family, friends, volunteering for his Church and riding at the Sand Dunes.

George Beatty

George Beatty

Lead HVAC Inspector/ Parts Delivery

George is a family man with 7 children and 19 grandchildren! He loves spending any spare time he has with his grandkids. George worked as an investigator for Maricopa County for 22 and started doing HVAC inspections after retiring in 2011. From his past experiences he is very detail oriented and thorough on every inspection he goes to! George also has taken the role of our delivery guy, we couldn’t do what we do without assurance from him that every member of our crew will have the equipment they need when and where they need it.

img_0626Jordan Woodard

HVAC Service Technician

Jordan is an EPA certified, Day and Night factory trained HVAC service technician, he has worked in the HVAC field for seven years, three of them being with RCS. He served a two year LDS mission in Calgary, Canada after finishing High School and has been involved in the HVAC field since returning. Jordan is attends ongoing education classes and is constantly gaining on-site experience  to improve his skills as an HVAC technician. Jordan is easy to work with and he is committed to taking care of whatever your HVAC needs may be in the best way possible. Jordan enjoys being outdoors, fishing and hunting in his free time. He has been happily married since January 2015 and he and his wife are expecting a baby soon!


Wesley Stratton

HVAC Service Technician

Wes joined Reeds Crew and the HVAC industry about three years ago, after working as a residential Electrician for fourteen years. Growing up in the electrical field provides him with a great diagnostic and problem solving background – Wes can fix just about anything! He believes in diagnosing and fixing the problem correctly, the first time. He is EPA Certified as well as Day and Night factory trained.  Wes works quickly and efficiently while providing excellent customer service individual to each customer he provides service for. Along with continually increasing his own knowledge and skill set, he is a patient  teacher to newer technicians and assistants with less experience. Wes is married with three young children. He loves to spend time with his family, escaping the AZ heat by going camping and going to the lake.


Parker Johnson

HVAC Technician/Installer

Parker is also an EPA Certified technician and has been working in the HVAC industry for about  five years. His quality of workmanship and commitment to get the job done, no matter the obstacle are what make him such a great addition to our crew. Parker comes from a large family and has been happily married for two years. He loves having fun with his family and he spends his free time rebuilding and painting motorcycles.


Spencer Ray

HVAC Technician/Installer

Spencer is new to our team after returning from a two year LDS mission in Rome, Italy. He is an EPA certified technician and is taking educational classes as well as gaining hands- on experience in order to further his knowledge and skill set as an HVAC service technician. As an eager learner and hard worker, Spencer provides great service to our customers here at Reeds Crew Services. Spencer is not only working hard as an AC technician but is also attending school full time and he’s engaged to be married this August.



Kyle Stringfellow

HVAC Technician Assistant/Installer

Kyle recently joined our crew and is ready to learn all he can from our service technicians! He works alongside our crew members gaining hands-on experience and on- the- job training. Kyle makes sure each install he performs for our customers is done correctly and never ceases to impress with his work.